Thursday, May 6, 2010

Small Business Spotlight: The Cocoa Cabana

Small businesses are the fabric of each suburb’s charm. Yesterday, while tooling around for an ice cream fix, my family stumbled upon a local gem: The Cocoa Cabana. Although we must have passed this shop a million times on our commute along Route 31 to my children’s school in Elgin, we’ve never stopped. Its location in one of the many forgettable strip malls shadowing the Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee doesn’t do justice to the quality of small-batch, hand-dipped chocolates you find upon entering. In fact, I had an “open-mouth-insert-foot” moment when I asked the female shop owner, Ronda, (local, small business, AND female-owned—triple score!) what chocolatier she ordered from. She looked puzzled and politely informed me that she hand-dipped them right there and then generously offered each of us a sample of the chocolate-dipped potato chip. Yes, potato chip. In chocolate. Yum!

Unlike the novel potato chip, the majority of their selection is more standard, sophisticated, higher-quality chocolate fare, at honest pricing. Chocolate dipped pretzels run $5.95 for a small bag. A 1 lb. box of assorted chocolates is $19.95.

Mental note: they do fondue for $11/person, but you have to call ahead. Good date night or special outing for the kiddies. And if you’ve had enough Chuck E Cheese parties for the rest of your existence, remember Cocoa Cabana for your next 5+ year old’s birthday party. Need a party favor? Give them a call. No doubt you’ll get the personal attention that only a local, small business provides.

Just a reminder, Mother’s Day is on Sunday (hint, hint). They ship anywhere in United States.

Oh, and the ice cream was outstanding, although not homemade.

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