Monday, May 10, 2010

CSA: A Win-Win

As I’ve mentioned, I have not yet devised the perfect method by which the amount of sun-kissed land in my yard can sustain my family’s fruit and vegetable needs all on its own. Nor do I have chickens for eggs or my own turkey for our Thanksgiving bounty. I have to call in for back up. I order a CSA box. I let Scott and Kathy Mor at Green Earth Farm do all that work for me.

To find a CSA near you, try an internet search (Local Harvest is a great resource), ask your locavore neighbors, or speak directly to the farmers at your local farmers market. Many farmers selling at the market also offer CSA shares to their farm. While most CSA’s are only available for the growing season, we found a farmer who delivered grass fed meat and eggs all winter long! Network! Network! Network!

With a CSA box, you have absolute no control on what’s put in your box. That’s half the fun. Kholrabi. Black heirloom tomatoes. Delicata squash. Earthly delights that I could have gone an entire lifetime having never tasted without my CSA box!

The reason I chose Green Earth Farm is that Scott and Kathy treat each CSA shareholder as an owner. You are welcome to stop by the farm anytime and they encourage families to come and experience farming hands on. Last year they hosted a CSA member open house where my kids got to feed the goats and horses, chase the turkeys, hunt for real eggs, and sample some treats made with food fresh from the farm. Each year there is also the possibility of working on the farm a few hours a week to subsidize the cost of your box. I’m helping the Mor’s live out their dream, and in return they fill my kitchen with homegrown goodies! In corporate speak, it’s a clear “win-win”.

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