Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mom, There Are Chunks In My Milk!!

I've been really lazy about getting my hands on raw milk. It took quite awhile to navigate the underworld of farmers to locate a few local dairies still willing to sell milk, albeit for "non-human consumption" *wink, wink*. Now I have to go and buy glass containers to store the milk in. Can you believe I've been meaning to do that for like 2 months now without success?

One reason I've been stalling is that I've found a non-homogenized, vat pasteurized, grass fed, no added hormones milk from small family farms in Iowa selling at Whole Foods in Schaumburg (yes, it FINALLY opened in early May). It sounded like a great solution, until the next morning, when my gallon-guzzling son wrinkled his brow and exclaimed "MOM, there are chunks in my milk!!!". I explained to him the value of the type of milk he was drinking, but his 5-year old senses were having none of it.

He's been on a dairy product strike for 2 weeks. I've created a meat-eating vegan.

Now I'm not the kind of mom who trims crust off of bread or negotiates eating brussel sprouts. I cook, you eat. No exceptions. And I know what they say about a kid having to be served an unusual food 20 times before they accept it. I'm telling you, the boy would rather eat his shoe. The only way I can imagine him even considering it would be to serve it from a different container (because kids make such serious connections between the package and the product--ask any fast food marketer) and strain it. I just can't do that. It runs completely against my grain.

My last hope is that a trip to the farm to see the cow and milk it himself will offer just enough novelty to rekindle his love of dairy. Wish me luck!

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