Monday, October 11, 2010

How Do You Spell Relief?

At 23 weeks pregnant, I want to scream with envy when I hear other moms-to-be beam about how "wonderful and beautiful" they feel. Not me.

I'm eternally in pain. Ok, maybe "pain" is an exaggeration. "Discomfort" is probably a bit more accurate. Acid reflux, backaches, braxton hicks contractions, round ligament pain--- I suffer them all. My husband says I remind him of that poem by Shel Silverstein: Sick. Only, I think he's mistaken because unlike the little girl in Silverstein's poem, I even complain on Saturdays.

Not that I wouldn't suffer all my symptoms 10x worse for my unborn offspring, but it is nice to get a little relief every now and then. Like massage. Just the word calms my body. Say it with me out loud and see if you agree. Massage. See what I mean?!

I was lucky enough to experience a prenatal massage this weekend with Alison Kruger at Akasha Yoga. I've taken yoga classes there before (which are also wonderful), and so when I heard they did massage, I told my husband that I wanted a gift certificate for Valentine's Day. It was worth every penny.

In return, I purchased my husband a massage from his favorite massage spot: Infinity Day Spa.

As I've been lucky enough to have experienced massages at both places, I'll give you a quick run down of what I see as the major differences. Akasha's masseuses seem more experienced (better) to me. Akasha is also a bit less expensive. However, Infinity's ambiance is superior to Akasha's. They also pamper you with tea, a small treat, a robe and a waiting area with candles and flowing water. And if that wasn't enough for your senses, they use a massage oil with your choice of scent. Overall, Akasha is a no frills massage from a quality masseuse, but Infinity pampers the senses. You really can't lose with either!

The holidays are just around the corner.....

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