Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Whipped! My Adventure at the Daley Plaza Market.

What just happened?! I thought I'd take my lunch break and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the Farmer's Market at Daley Plaza. Leisurely! Ha! Urbanites are hard-core!

Unlike my friendly northwest suburban farmer's markets, this one felt more like Best Buy on Black Friday! Wall to wall people, pushing and shoving to get their hands on some very expensive Michigan blueberries. There was no time to really enjoy the sensory experience that comes with food selection at my neighborhood markets. No friendly chats with the farmers either. This was grab what you can and keep moving or the crowd behind you would swallow you alive. And be wary that a random arm may dart over your shoulder and grab that patty pan squash assortment you're eyeing up. Now granted, my experience may have been particularly frenetic given that it was noon on a workday and the weather was in the 70's and sunny.

And it wasn't just me, the vendors looked whipped too.

The bright side is that there is clearly a real demand in the city for homegrown, local, often organic foods.

The hard-neck Italian garlic and pickling cucumbers I bought were absolutely stunning, even if I only did get to appreciate them once I returned to my desk.

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