Monday, August 16, 2010


I have a bit of news that has kept me from blogging: I'm expecting baby #3 in February 2011!

While I had full intentions of experimenting with okra and squash blossoms in July and August, the baby decided against it. Sleep and crackers was its preference! Nothing that was spicy, sweet, salty, or had the faintest odor of any kind was crossing my lips. I have even given up coffee. *GASP* My friends are still sticking their heads out the window looking for flying pigs!

But welcome second trimester! My energy is up and I'm ready to dig deeper in that CSA box and re-enter my garden (which my husband has done such a beautiful job maintaining while I was napping) to discover new recipes with local food.

One edict that my doctor set forth was not handling raw milk or eating non-pasturized cheese (listeria risk). This forced me to cancel my much anticipated participation in a cheese-making class featured at Angelic Organics in Rockford. Angelic Organics Learning Center offers so many wonderful classes--see the schedule of upcoming events here.

So please accept my apology for my absence and stay tuned for more local love!

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